Physiotherapy Mentoring Program

  • Are you a few years out of school and feeling burnt out?

  • Do you feel anxious the morning before a busy day?

  • Are you confused as to where your career is headed?

  • Are looking to connect with other like minded physiotherapist?

  • Are you overwhelmed with how much you feel you still need to learn?

  • Do you have waves of imposter syndrome?

  • Are difficult cases and patients stressing you out?

  • Does working full-time leave you exhausted come Friday?

Why join my mentoring group?

Finding the right mentor early on in your career can make all the difference in the world. Below are the goals I have with all the young professionals I work with:

  • Grow successfully into your new role as physiotherapist with confidence and support

  • Gain early momentum on your career and personal goals

  • Learn how to tackle difficult patients and develop a simple approach to complex cases

  • Learn how to build connection, buy-in and trust with your patients

  • Build a network of like-minded PT’s and foster professional relationships

  • Learn how to develop your own brand as a physiotherapist and discover what sets you apart

*In Canada, some of the mentorship may also count towards Orthopaedic Division and Sport Division mentorship hours

What’s Included

  • A one-on-one discovery call

    • This allows me the time to get to know you one on one and ensure that I am are able to address your specific needs over the course of the program.

  • PDF workbooks each month with reflection and self-development work

    • There is power in taking the time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Each month will challenge you to reflect and focus on one aspect of yourself or your career.

    • Topics include:

      • The Now

      • Energy

      • Balance

      • Imposter Syndrome

      • Goal Setting and Future Self Visualization

      • Finding your Purpose and Putting it into ACTION!

  • 6-months of bi-weekly group calls via Zoom

    • There is so much power in a group. Group calls allow for connections to be made with like minded women. Sharing our throughts, ideas and insights with each other elevate us all!

    • The group calls are a time to discuss what came up for you during your reflection, brainstorming ideas for further development as well as discussion of case studies.

    • Special guests will also be brought on to address the group intermittently- STAY TUNED for details!

  • Access to a private Facebook group

    • The facebook group is a place where you can pose questions to the group, seek help with challenging clinical cases and learn about resources (books, podcasts, blog posts) that may be helpful to you on your journey!

    • Access to the Facebook group continues after the program so that you always have a network of amazing, supportive women to bounce ideas off and continue to grow with.

“I just got offered my dream job and honestly couldn’t have done this without your guidance and advice! I am so excited and ready to get down to work! Thank you so much for your all your support through this transition- I am more motivated and confident than ever!”
— Jamie S
Working with you has made me feel so much less alone. I was feeling so stressed and overwhelmed in my job- I wasn’t sure if I could continue. Just knowing I wasn’t the only one and having gone through some deeper work with you was so helpful! Thank you!
— Stephanie M
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Who am I?


I am a sport and orthopaedic physiotherapist and owns my own practice Press Play Physiotherapy and Pilates in London, Ontario, Canada. I graduated from McMaster University’s physiotherapy program and subsequently earned my Masters of Clinical Science in Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapy. I hold my Sport Physiotherapy Diploma, am a Fellow of the Academy of Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapy and am a lead therapist with the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team.

Sounds pretty cool, right? While those accomplishments and credentials do bring a sense of pride I also recognizes that many of those things are ultimately what also left me feeling intense anxiety, overwhelmed and burnt out. My credentials may span two lines on a business card but in recent years I have totally transformed my practice and life in order to ensure that my career as a physiotherapist does not define me but rather I get to define what it means to me! I feel passionate about sharing her story and journey so that those who identify with it know they are not alone. Everyone’s career path, goals and needs are different but I am fuelled by helping other health care providers and professionals on their journey to personal and professional success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it all female?

Yes. Right now my program is all female. Why you ask? It just seems to be the population who has reached out to me and seems to be desiring mentorship from me the most. I am in no way saying that men do not need mentorship nor do they experience challenges in practice but I connect and relate to the female experience better. If you’re a dude and want to do one-on-one mentoring reach out!

When does it start?

The next session will start in January 2020 but the waitlist STARTS NOW! If you want to get on the early sign-up be sure to drop me your info as soon as possible!

When do the calls occur?

Calls will take place the third Sunday evening of each month.

How long is each call?

Each call lasts approximately 60 minutes (with a bit of wiggle room if a topic takes us by storm…)

What if I can’t make the call?

Things come up and you have a life- I get it! All calls will be recorded and posted to the Facebook group so you can access and watch it anytime!

Do I need to have Facebook?

You don’t HAVE to have Facebook but the discussions and postings in the group will only enhance your experience and what you take away from the program.

Do I have to be a physiotherapist?


You don’t have to be a physiotherapist however you must be a movement professional (chiropractor, strength and conditioning coach). Clinical cases will be discussed throughout the duration of the program and I want to ensure everyone is able to participate and add their two cents!

Is there one-on-one coaching involved?

This is a group coaching program. I find there is so much power and greater depth of resources from a group of likeminded and passionate individuals. That being said, you will have access to me twice per month during our Zoom calls and I will be able to have your questions answered then. Additionally, you can post any and all questions in the Facebook group and I will do my best to post an answer within 48 hours. If you want to go far, go together!