Summer/Fall 2019 Session- Starts June 2019

PT Student Group- FULL

Practicing PT Groups- FULL

If you are interested in one on one mentoring or joining my next session starting January 2020 please contact me by email at

Like any life transition, transitioning from physiotherapy student to professional practice can be challenging. Finally after at least 6 years (6 years!) of post-secondary education you are finally making the transition into your professional life and you realize you still have so much to learn. It can be daunting.


I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. I was excited, energetic and motivated to start my career while simultaneously feeling exhausted, scared and a little bit nauseous every morning. Waves of imposter syndrome and inferiority plagued my first few years of practice and without the help of a few stellar mentors, I may never have gained the confidence, skills and knowledge I needed to be successful.

Now, I want to make sure I pay it forward. Finding the right mentor for you early in your career can make all the difference in the world. Below are the goals I have with all the young professionals I work with:

  • Grow successfully into your new role as physiotherapist with confidence and support

  • Gain early momentum on your career and personal goals

  • Learn how to tackle difficult patients and develop a simple approach to complex cases

  • Learn how to build connection, buy-in and trust with your patients

  • Build a network of like-minded PT’s and foster professional relationships

  • Learn how to develop your own brand as a physiotherapist and discover what sets you apart

  • *In Canada, some of the mentorship may also count towards Orthopaedic Division and Sport Division mentorship hours


If you think that we might be a good fit let's hop on a call and chat about how I can help you grow! Here's what you can expect from my 6-month small group mentoring program:

  • A one on one call or in person meeting (60-minutes) to discuss your needs, goals, challenges and barriers

  • Bi-weekly email to check in on progress with patients, progress towards goals and planing for our one on one call.

  • Monthly group call- share your experiences and learn from others who are in the same position as you! Network and connect so that you can start building relationships with other PT colleagues

  • Access to private facebook group where you can share what is coming up for you and gain feedback from myself and other mentees

  • Monthly PDF worksheet to help you with reflection, goal setting, learning objectives

I am only able to take a limited number of students on each year so please reach out via my contact page or DM me through etiher my Instagram or Facebook channels. I can't wait to connect!