Physiotherapy Services

Initial Assessment

Includes detailed history of your issue, goal setting, physical assessment, initial treatment and home exercises. Your initial appointment will be 60 minutes.

Follow-Up Treatment

Treatment sessions may include manual therapy, soft tissue release and/or home exercise program adjustment for continued progression towards your goals. Follow-up appointments are typically 30-45 minutes.

Meet and Greet

Not sure if Press Play is right for you? Come in, sit down and lets see if we are a good fit and can help you reach your goals! Meet and greet consultations are also available via phone at 519-282-0332.

Clinical Pilates

Initial Appointment

Clinical Pilates is a goal-oriented rehabilitation program for issues within the scope of physiotherapy. It begins with an assessment by a physiotherapist to identify problem areas and is followed by development of a pilates program tailored to your specific needs. You will be oriented to the Pilates reformer and provided with some basic Pilates principles during this appointment. Appointment length is 60 minutes.

1-Hour Session

Sessions will focus on Pilates exercises aimed to help you achieve specific wellness goals. 60-minute sessions are recommended for those with multiple areas of concern or multiple goals. Home exercises will be provided.

30-Minute Session

30-minute session will focus on Pilates exercises aimed to help achieve client specific goals. Home exercises will be provided.