Four Apps to Make Your New Year a Success!

My poor iPhone is on the way out. After 3.5 years, it has served me well but if I get one more "Storage Almost Full" notification, it may just end up being tossed into a snowbank! As I try to end my data storage woes, I have found myself forced to delete apps off my phone. So long Starbucks, Adios Weather Network, Sayonara LinkedIn. Sadly, those are just a few of the apps that I've had to part ways with but there are four apps that I flat out refuse to give up- and those four apps are the ones I want to share with you today! They have all added enough value to my life that they survived the cut, so I know they will bring value to you and your life too (as well as help you out with any new years resolutions you may have in mind!).

Moment 2.jpg


This is my love to hate app of the year. Moment tracks your daily screen time and basically shows you how addicted to your phone you truly are. You can set daily limits (I have mine set to 2 hours- it's harder than you think!) and provides you with reminders about your usage throughout the day. Honestly, I was shocked when I first got the app and saw how much time I was spending on my phone. Once I set my limit and went through the apps "Phone Bootcamp," I became so much more mindful about my phone usage and continue to strive to lower my daily limit. In the new year I am going down to 90 minutes- we will see how it goes!



Anyone looking to up their fitness game in the new year needs to first download this app! Mindbody connects you to local fitness and health facilities in your area and allows you to schedule/pay for classes, read/write reviews and track your own fitness all in one spot. It also has a "deals near me" feature which gives you a chance to try new studios and facilities at a discounted rate- be sure to check this out as most facilities offer AMAZING deals in January! I love that it syncs right to my FitBit so that when I finish a class, I can see my workouts stats right within the app! Mindbody is also used by several healthcare practitioners as well (sorry guys, not me) so that I am able to book with my Naturopath and Osteopath right from my phone!



If your new years resolution involves organization THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU! Designed by the team behind those delightfully simple Moleskine notebooks, this App is so well designed, pretty and functional too! At first glance it may seem similar to iCal but has quite a few features that set it apart. First of all, you get to choose the colour scheme- though this may seem trivial the aesthetic is something that really sets it apart for me. Timepage provides you with a 'daily briefing' in the morning with reminders about the days scheduled events, the expected weather and how long it will take you to get to your first scheduled event. It essentially combines your calendar, weather, map and contacts all into one place. I find it very easy to add events and there are so many settings and customizations that you can really make it your own and tailor it to suit your needs.  




This app has been a life saver this year! I listen to the "Daily Calm" every night before bed and to be honest, I don't think I've ever heard the end of the 10-minute session! Puts me right to sleep every time- I am not sure that's the point but hey, it works! Calm is a mindfulness meditation app that offers guided meditations, breathing exercises and sleep stories to users to help reduce anxiety, manage stress and achieve clarity and peace. There are about 16 guided meditations offered for free in the app or you can pay for a subscription to access the full library and daily calm meditations ($4.99/month for a yearly subscription). To be honest, I think its a small price to pay for better sleep! If you are looking to be more present, sleep better, break a habit or practice more gratitude this year, download it now! 



There are so many great apps- and so many new ones coming out all the time- I can't keep up (or even download them haha)! I would love to hear about your favourites too! Post them in the comments below so that we can all check them out!

This is my last post for 2017 so I hope everyone has a stellar holiday and wishing you a wonderful start to 2018!



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