Why Press Play?


Over the past couple weeks I’ve had several people ask me “Why the name Press Play?” Well, here goes! Yes, I do love the alliteration but there is more to the story.


After focusing on my education and professional pursuits for over a decade, fun, play and “unproductive time” became a highly-undervalued part of my life. I was so focused on my seemingly endless to-do list and ‘being busy’ that I fell into a rut. I wasn’t creative, I was anxious and just didn’t feel engaged in my own life. I forgot about how important play was in my life and I knew I needed to have more FUN! So I became intentional with it- I went to an amusement park, I belted out songs in the car, I hit the dancefloor! And you know what? It worked! I felt happier, more inspired and even MORE PRODUCTIVE. I realized while I was playing I had more time and space to be imaginative, learn about myself and reenergize! Once I ‘pressed play’ in my own life, new people, opportunities and possibilities came flooding in!

The play is productive. The play is important. The play is creative. The play is freedom. The play is expansion. The play is real connection.
— Lori Harder

I often find the same thing happens with my patients. When I first see them, they are in a bit of a rut too. They are in pain, not able to do what they want and 9 times out of 10 report high stress and not enough time.  The nice part is, people come to me looking to make a change. I get to see them at a time when they are ready and excited to “press play” and reactivate in their own lives!


Since movement and play are partners in crime, I think that by helping to put movement back into their lives, patients might also be able to reignite and enliven their lives! I have to opportunity to show people how easy and FUN it is to move and hopefully set them up in a way that ensures movement continues to be a integral part of their lives. I do everything I can to help them get back to what matters most and able to enjoy everything that life has to offer- that’s what it’s all about!

Assessment of play adequacy and the recognition of its deficiency are basic requirements for health, wellness and full expression of what it means to be human.
— Dr. Stuart Brown

I mean is it really a tragedy if your kid misses school to go to the movies now and then? Or what about blasting music in the living room and dancing before bed? My new favourite is Sunday afternoon bowling! We often think of play as something that is important for children but try it and I think you will realize that perhaps play is something we all need in order to function at our best.

What does play look like in your life and how could you plan some sort of play into every week? Please share- I would love to hear all about it! Let me know how you press play!

Emma JackComment