30 Lessons I Learned Big Time at 30


It's my birhtday! While there will be cake and presents and friends and family today, I always feel like my birthday is a bit like New Years. It's a time for me to reflect on the year, what I did, how I succeeded (and failed) and how I want to move forward into my next year. THIS YEAR WAS HUGE! I completed another Masters Degree, I started my blog, I went on my first solo adventure and boy did that all come with some big 'ole life lessons. I truly think this year has been one of my biggest growth years and am so proud what I've accomplished. After some reflection here are the big shiny lessons that came at me this year!

1.  Social media can be social! I've made some stellar friends and connections via Instagram this year! If you told me that a year ago, I would have said that it was super weird! Social media is great for connecting you with likeminded people who you may otherwise never get to know. The key is ACTUALLY meeting them in person :).

2.  Opening up and telling your truth allows others to open up and tell their truths. I opened up about some of my struggles with anxiety and could not believe the response! Showing some vulnerability allows others to do the same. 

3.  Want something? Just ask! You never know what people will say when you reach out to them. I've DM'd, I've emailed, I've called all sorts of people that I felt were more successful, too busy and who may not even want to talk to me but you know what- THEY DID! You never know until you reach out and ask!


4.  Don't let other people run your life. Get to know yourself and be the driver of your own life. This year I stopped doing things I felt I was 'supposed' to do and started double checking that things fit for me. Game changing. 

5.  If you've committed to something, be all in. No one likes someone who is sitting on the fence. Show up for what you have committed to and go beyond. 

6.  Start replacing "I'm sorry..." with "Thank you for..." I learned this one from my friend Britt and love it. So next time instead of saying "sorry for being such a mess" say "thank you for loving me unconditionally" and see it shift how you feel.  

7.  If you aren't a "hell yes!", be a "hell no".

8.  Slowing down can allow for the space to get more done. I've taken WAY more unscheduled time this year. Now I realize constant productivity is actually impossible. Allowing myself to rest allows my creativity and energy to be restored so that when its go time, I'm ready!


9.  Invest in yourself. I've spent more money on coaching, books, skincare, healthy foods than ever before. Funny how it also aligns with one of my most successful years....

10.  Pay off your debts. STUDENT LOANS BE GONE! After 7 years of school this was nasty! I don't think I realized how much it was dragging me down until it was gonzo!

11.  Take initiative. See something that needs to be done and no one is doing it? DO IT! People notice initiative! 

12.  Invest in good skincare. Back to my previous point. Investing in yourself is never something I will feel guilty about again. Look good, feel good. 

13.  Don't judge other peoples preferences. They have their reasons, you have yours. You are never in the position to judge. 

14.  Be forthcoming. Keeping secrets can be a silent killer, trust me. It scary and it sucks but you'll feel the bliss of freedom on the other side. 

15.  Dry clean your dry clean only clothes. Just do it. 

16.  Treat sleep with respect. As a long time insomniac, I started introducing a bit of a bedtime routine and now this nana is getting 8+ hours of sleep everynight. The best. 

17.  Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Bold prints, bright colours, I am doing it more now than ever and it feels so good!

18.  Tell people they are doing a great job if they are doing a great job! Making people feel seen and appreciated is so important. 


19.  Travel is worth more than its pricetag. Many of these lessons (and the idea for my blog!) I discovered while on my solo Scandinavian adventure. Nothing can replace travel for me. 

20.  Don't underestimate the power of 6 deep breaths. Don't get my wrong, my boyfriend will tell you I still find myself stressed and anxious. When I do, I reset with some deep breathing exercises and re-evaluate. 

21.  Everyday you have a chance to build your legacy. The people you interact with, the messages you send, even the photos you post. Everything you do helps to build your legacy- what kind of legacy are you building? I'm still working on mine but I am far more clear than I was at 29.

22.  Life continues when on airplane mode. Airplane mode is crucial for me sometimes. It is easy to get caught up in social media and comparison and always being on. When I started doing days on airplane mode, I felt I was going to miss something! Now I realize that sometimes by not being on airplane mode I miss EVERYTHING.

23.  Spending time reading is never a waste. My goodness, I never use to be much of a reader but boy has that changed. I think I have maybe read 2-3 books per month this year. With less focus on academics, I have rediscovered the pleasure in reading. 

24.  Good coffee is worth the investment. I've worked my way around every coffee shop in the city of London. Has it cost me? Yes. Has it been worth every penny? YES.


25.  Success is all about your perspective. I used to think I would feel successful once I was a physio. Then, once I was a physio, I thought I would feel successful once I was an FCAMPT or had my sport diploma. Now, I am proud to say I have all of those things but also realize none of that makes me feel successful! What makes me feel successful is the relationships I have built and maintained, the willingness to laugh and cry with people and my ability to do hard things. 

26.  You are more than your job. Re-read the last paragraph. Same, same but different. I no longer ask people what they do when making small talk. I ask them what they are passionate about, what is their favourite book, etc. We are all much more than our jobs- don't let it define you. 

27.  Jealousy is a waste of time. Honestly though. What purpose does it serve other than making you feel like you aren't enough? I try and catch myself in jealousy now and try to figure out what it actually says about me. 

28.  I don't like sushi. I kept trying to be one of those people who likes sushi but I just can't. This year I stopped trying to like it and owned it.  

29.  Work smarter, not harder. I use to be the master of constant, low level productivity. I used the time if I had it. I could have spent 6 hours writing this blog but instead I gave myself an hour. And you know what? I am almost done and it's only been 33 minutes! 5 hours, 27 minutes left to do other fun things!

30.  Routine isn't boring, it can be practical and calming. Especially when I am feeling anxious, building routine and habit into my day feels so damn good.

So yeah. A bit of a big year. Lots of big lessons that smacked me upside the head. Who knows what the next year will bring. I hope to have just as big of a list next year (plus one more) cause that will mean I have lived even more! What's one thing you have learned this year for yourself? Share it below to help us all out!

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